Association of automotive parts distributors — non-profit-making organization, uniting distributors and suppliers of independent automotive aftermarket. For the moment the majority of the key market players are ADAK members.

Membership advantages

Opportunity to influence the market development due to coordination of efforts inside ADAK.

Access to the information about the current market situation and about market trends due to exchange of information with colleagues during General Assemblies of «ADAK» members.

Participation in discussions of market players dedicated to the most critical problems during General Assemblies of «ADAK» members.

Working-out common understanding and common approaches in many areas allowing to overcome dissociation and contradictionness of the market information.

Minimization of the risks and costs for all ADAK members while participation in common projects.

Access to the market volume estimation research of total market as well as per all product lines including IAM and OES shares and shares of all major IAM suppliers.

Minimization of the costs for buying different products due to a work of the Tender committee of the Assosiation.