«ADAK» does not run any commercial activity, so the only source of financing is members' fees.

The amount of members' fees is fixed by the General Assembly of members on the basis on the Year Budget to be aproved by the General Assembly of «ADAK» members.

In 2010 the General Assembly of the members has made a decision about differenciation of members' fees depending on sizes of a company.The amout of employees was approved as a criterion of estimation of a company size. Thus three categories of companies were introduced:

  • - Small enterprise.
  • - Medium enterprise.
  • - Big enterprise.

The amount of members' fees is fixed depending on a ceategory company corresponds to. Base fee is the one for small enterprises. For medium and big enterprises raised coefficients are introduced. The following coefficients of members' fees are fixed:

  • - Small enterprise - 1.
  • - Medium enterprise - 2.
  • - Big enterprise - 3.

It's important that amount of members' fees doesn't influence all other rights and obligations of members as well as voting power while decision making procedure.

For newcomers there's a 50% discount of members' fees for the first 4 quarters of membership.

The projects run by the Association are financed by the additional purposeful fees of «ADAK» members participating in the particular project.

Associated members pay annual voluntary contribution the ammount of which depends on the type of the member: supplier or distributor.

The control of spendings is arranged by the Auditing Comission elected by the General Assembly of members of the Association. The Auditing Comission arranges control of spendings of the organization and its administration in order to provide trust of «ADAK» members to the administration of the Association. The key goal of the control – protection of «ADAK» members' fees and its asets.

Independent annual auditor check takes place in parallel.