The admission to membership and exclusion of members is defined by the Charter and developed document «Position about membership in «ADAK».

«ADAK» memebers can be Russian companies accepting the goals and tasks of the organisation and a way of achieving them, designated in the Charter. The companies whose main activity is wholesale of automotive parts for foreign cars and being the official authorised distributors of manufacturers and suppliers of automotive parts in the Russian Federation are accepted as «ADAK» members.

The procedure of admission to «ADAK» members:

  • 1st stage: Handing the membership application to «ADAK».
  • 2nd stage: Meeting with the «ADAK» Board and getting the status of a Candidate to «ADAK» members. The minimum candidate record – 3 months.
  • 3rd stage: Admission to «ADAK» members by the decision of the General Assembly of members by open voting.

Associated membership

In 2011 institute of Associated membership in «ADAK» was established. The status of the associated member can be granted to manufacturers and suppliers of automotive replacement parts as well as to distributors.

The core of the associated membership is:

  • 1. A deliberative voting power.
  • 2. Decisions made in «ADAK» are treated just as recommendations.
  • 3. Possibility of participating in all events and projects of the Association.
  • 4. Access to all internal information of «ADAK».
  • 5. Payment of annual voluntary contribution.

The Association of Automotive Parts Distributors is the open organization and is interested in getting on board maximum amount of market players.