General Assembly of the «ADAK» members has approved the Program of actions of the organisation.

Priority directions of activity of «ADAK»:

  • Increasing market value of business and creating equal conditions for business operations in the market.
  • Developing conditions of a perfect competition in the industry.
  • Formating the industry indicators of companies' operations.
  • Working out «ADAK» rating on the basis of correspondence of the companies to the approved priorities of the Association.
  • Constructing a dialogue with the Russian and foreign public organisations.
  • Constructing a dialogue with the Russian authorities.
  • Developing information policy of the Association.

While realisation of the given directions «ADAK» solves set of important industry problems.

The main tasks of «ADAK»:

  • Creation of comfortable conditions for each member of the Association for business operations according to the national legislation, co-ordinating efforts of «ADAK» members and co-operating with the authorities and public organisations.
  • Creation of favorable conditions of business development of «ADAK» members : preferential crediting, stock insurance, access to IT services etc.
  • Development of industry indicators of companies' operations to define norms of efficiency of business operations in the industry.
  • Working out a rating of the Association on the basis of the approved qualifying standards and a technique of an estimation of companies.
  • Cooperation with the European public organisations operating in the automotive aftermarket.
  • Popularization of the Association and the automotive aftermarket as a whole.
  • Market situation and trends of its development information.