05.03.2008 Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has been officially registered Non-profit-making partnership of automotive parts distibutors «ADAK».

As the legal form it has been chosen «Non-profit-making Partnership».The short name is - «ADAK», that is deciphered as Association of Automotive Parts Distributors.

Priority activities of «ADAK» are:

  1. Increasing market value of business.
  2. Creating equal conditions of market players' operations according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  3. Developing conditions of a perfect competition in the industry.
  4. Formating industry indicators of companies' operations.
  5. Constructing a dialogue with the Russian and foreign public organisations.
  6. Constructing a dialogue with the Russian authorities.
  7. Popularizating the automotive aftermarket in Russia.

The admission to membership and exclusion of members is defined by the Charter and developed document «Position about membership in «ADAK».

«ADAK» memebers can be Russian companies accepting the goals and tasks of the organisation and a way of achieving them, designated in the Charter. The companies whose main activity is wholesale of automotive parts for foreign cars and being the official authorised distributors of manufacturers and suppliers of automotive parts in the Russian Federation are accepted as «ADAK» members.

The Association of Automotive Parts Distributors is the open organisation and invites all market players to cooperation.

Leading European purchasing groups are represented in the Association:

  1. ADI (5 companies of AD Russia)
  2. ATR (2 companies of ATR Russia)
  3. GAU (3 companies of GAU Russia)
  4. TEMOT (2 companies of Temot Russia)

Achievement of the «ADAK» goals is carried out basically by running the projects initiated by «ADAK» on the basis of the developed document «Position about project activity of «ADAK».

In 2008 «ADAK» became the member of Non-profit-making partnership «Union of business organizations of Russia (OPORA)», and the Managing Director of the Association has been elected as the member of the Board of Partnership «OPORA».

In 2018 the legal form was changed from non-profit-making partnership for association. The new official full name is Association of automotive parts distibutors. The short name is ADAK.